Top Torrent Client Mac Software – Folx

You’re a big fan of downloading your favorite movies, music, software, or games via torrents and can’t find a solution ever since uTorrent isn’t available as a standalone app for macOS? There’s absolutely nothing to worry about since you can use an app that can easily replace uTorrent and even bring more features as a Mac torrent client. The name of this app is Folx and you’re about to discover all the features this exceptional torrent client for Mac offers to users that want to easily download all the content needed for day to day activity.

Both the Folx and Folx PRO versions come to the aid of torrenting users that want a great user-interface, excellent download speeds, and great extra features. From getting full control over downloads with the ability to pause/resume, manually adjust bandwidth, tell the computer what to do when the download is over, and all the way to integration Folx with Apple Music, there are plenty of things to be discovered about what is the best Mac torrenting program. We welcome you to read more about what Folx can offer as a 64-bit torrent client compatible with the newest macOS versions.

Core Benefits

In-App Torrent Searching

When using Folx torrent client Mac app you won’t waste more time going online to browser for torrents. Thanks to the built-in torrent searching functionality, you can rapidly insert keywords for a lightning-fast search in the widest torrent databases. The results are almost instantly displayed so that you choose the one that fits best with your search. You also get some data about each torrent like health and number of downloads so you can be sure you download the best version.

Schedule Downloads as You Want

We couldn’t be talking about Folx as the best torrent client for Mac without making sure it offers all the features that make downloading easy and efficient for users. Folx brings the possibility to have full control over the download process. You can decide when a download should start, how much bandwidth should be used for each download, and even what will happen once the download queue is finished. Furthermore, even if you start a download and realize you need the full power of the internet connection for something else, you can simply pause all downloads and resume them exactly where you were left off.

Browser and Apple Music Integration

Looking for ways to download torrents rapidly and without extra steps? Folx torrent client Mac software brings you just that! It comes with excellent browser integration for Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox and this means it will automatically get the torrent download links while you browse.

Furthermore, the Folx PRO version gives you the ability to create Apple Music playlists with ease. All the downloaded files marked with a certain tag (that you define) will be automatically available in Apple Music to easily build your offline playlist.

Fully Functional Download Manager

The list of advantages you get when downloading the best torrent downloader for Mac doesn’t end here. When using Folx you can be sure you get an all-around download manager for torrents and other files as well. The same download control is available when you download just any other file from the Internet. You’ll no longer need to worry about the browser download manager being able to pause and resume a download when needed or the low download speeds these built-in managers usually offer. Add Folx and you will enjoy top-speed downloads in perfect security.

Final Thoughts on Folx

After checking out all the benefits you get when using Folx as your torrent client Mac app, making a decision regarding what torrent download manager to use should be pretty straightforward. You should always go for the best Mac torrenting program and that’s exactly what Folx offers. Starting with the ease of use given by the friendly user interface, the long list of features provided, and all the way to the exceptional integrations, this app offers everything you need. Quickly find torrents in the app, grab links automatically with the browser integration, and gain complete control over your downloads with Folx!